Your Cats & Other Guests

Cat ready to pounce on a toy mouse.

Kitty Suites

A special quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the day. 

● Spacious individual kitty condos contain a house for sleeping and two elevated resting platforms for climbing and stretching. 

● Radiant heated floors for winter warmth and air conditioning for summer comfort. 

● Large windows and skylights provide natural light. Plants and piped-in soothing music all add a touch of home. 

● Sunny airy surroundings were designed especially for feline friends with day and night lights for the nocturnal feline.

Kitty Imperial Suites

These are spacious indoor/outdoor suites. Felines enjoy the large outside window sill where they can watch the birds, get fresh air, and relax during the day. For more entertainment, they enjoy gazing at their very own fish tank or scaling the carpeted maze on the wall where they are able to reach new heights. There are a variety of toys for the active cat and places to rest and relax for the laid-back cat.

Kitty Playtime

Individual play times for cats are held either in the spacious indoor/outdoor playroom or in the large open Cattery and can be provided for an additional charge. Cats can enjoy a large outside window sill where they can watch the birds, get fresh and just relax. There are carpeted trees and a variety of toys for the active cat and places to rest and relax for the laid-back cat.

Kitty Play Date

Your choice of activity with a Pet Care Specialist can be provided for an additional charge. Activities suit any personality with options such as a game of chase the toy, a light grooming, or maybe just some cuddle time. Let us know what your feline friend would love.

Cat Boarding Pricing

Late Check-Out Fee

We charge a late check-out fee of $25 for all dog boarding guests who are picked up after 12 pm.

Required Vaccinations

For the protection of all our guests, we require proof of the following vaccinations in the form of veterinary records. All records must be current and/or have been performed at least 7 days prior to arrival.

● Rabies & FVRCP or Current Titers

● This is a flea-free Pet Resort. All pets must be free of fleas and ticks. If evidence of fleas are found the pet will be given a flea & tick preventative and a flea bath at the owner’s expense.

Siamese kitten laying in cat bed.
Sleeping cat next to window.


We will be happy to administer your pet’s medications as required to meet their special needs (excluding insulin injections). There is a 75-cent charge for each medication administered.


We will prepare customized meals of our premium foods at no additional cost. However, most pets are sensitive to a change in diet so we believe the fewer changes, the better. We recommend bringing the same food that your pet is used to eating at home, prepared in the same manner. It is recommended that your kibble is measured and put in baggies for each meal, with a few extras, in case your trip is delayed. Any dietary supplements or additions should also be supplied. We use stainless steel bowls for food and water, so it is not necessary to bring food or water bowls.


You are welcome to bring ONE favorite toy per guest. We are not responsible for the loss or destruction of toys.

Other Guests

Yes, we even have room for special friends such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and pot belly pigs, etc. are also welcome so please feel free to ask about other guests.