Dog Boarding

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Premium Dog Boarding

We know that choosing a trustworthy pet care provider or facility is an important decision. We appreciate price is certainly one consideration. Our overnight suites start as low as $33.00 per night.  We hope you agree, in addition to price, there are other important considerations when choosing a safe happy place for your pet.

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Premier Suites

All of our accommodations include documented Nose to Tail Wellness checks throughout the day by our highly trained, loving staff. 

● Spacious inside suites ranging in size from 4’x4′ to 8’x8′ with a 4′ high block wall between each pet for individual privacy. 

● Each guest has an attached 4’x16′ outside covered patio overlooking our beautiful natural country meadow where pups can socialize with neighbors. 

● All Suites have heated floors and air conditioning for your pet’s comfort. 

● Skylights provide natural lighting. Plants and piped-in soothing music throughout create a home-like atmosphere.

● Special accommodations are made for senior pets, puppies, or those with special needs.

Imperial Suites

Imperial suites have all the qualities of our Premier Suites plus luxurious Kuranda dog beds and flat-screen TVs. The Imperial Suite also comes with an included Play Yard time and your choice of a Stroll, Snuggle Date, Play Date, or Train Date.

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Although our accommodations are comfortable and spacious, fun and activity are the best part of vacations for humans and dogs alike. We offer a variety of popular and discounted activity packages for you to choose from to ensure your dog has the very best experience while away from home

Dog Boarding Pricing

Late Check-Out Fee

We charge a late check-out fee of $25 for all dog boarding guests who are picked up after 12 pm.

Required Vaccinations & Town Dog Licence

For the protection of all our guests, we require proof of the following vaccinations in the form of veterinary records. All records must be current and/or have been performed at least 10 days prior to arrival.

● Rabies


● Bordetella or Current Titers

The State of Connecticut requires us to have current Town Dog Licence and Rabies Certificates for all boarding and Day Care dogs in our care.  They do not accept tags.

This is a flea-free Pet Resort. All pets must be free of fleas & ticks. If evidence of fleas are found the pet will be given a flea & tick preventative and flea bath at the owner’s expense.


We will be happy to administer your pet’s medications as required to meet their special needs (excluding insulin injections). There is a $1 fee for each medication administered.

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We will prepare customized meals of our premium foods at no additional cost. However, most pets are sensitive to a change in diet so we believe the fewer changes, the better. We recommend bringing the same food that your pet is used to eating at home, prepared in the same manner. It is recommended that your kibble is measured and put in baggies for each meal, with a few extras, in case your trip is delayed. Any dietary supplements or additions should also be supplied. We use stainless steel bowls for food and water, so it is not necessary to bring food or water bowls.

Treats & Toys

You are welcome to bring a bag of your pet's favorite treats and a favorite toy for their stay. We do not accept rawhide products, greenies, or any other product we feel may be a choking hazard. We are not responsible for the loss or destruction of toys.

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We provide bedding for all our guests. You are welcome to bring a machine-washable bed with no filling. We are not responsible for the loss or destruction of beds provided by you.


We highly recommend a bath before your dog’s departure from the pet resort. To uphold our reputation as the cleanest pet resort in Connecticut there may be a cleanup fee for your pet’s health & cleanliness. Please inquire about our therapeutic Hydro Spa Bathing System.

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